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Men vs Women ...or Not

One of the things I think I take for granted in my life is, I have good men in my life. From time to time as I write, I natural mention my husband. 1,461 more words

Madness or Wisdom?

Is love wise or the result of madness? I cannot decide. It is our biggest weakness and our greatest strength. It makes us feel whole and can also destroy us. 249 more words


Forever Bound

I’m a prisoner of hope
I’m a captive to grace
I’m bound by the strong cords of love
Yet I’m free
I’m gloriously
Marvelously… 46 more words


Who Would Jesus Execute?

Last week the Arkansas Senate Judiciary Committee heard a bill that would abolish the death penalty in the state of Arkansas. I come from a conservative Christian faith background and still take my faith convictions very seriously. 726 more words


Hope Within Me

From far too many pulpits, there isn’t a word said about how long and how hard grief can be. I don’t know why this is. I don’t know if it’s a hallmark of our society or the stubbornness of a particular kind of Christianity that denies the depth of agony that begins on cross and continues in the darkness of the tomb. 419 more words



Tea of the Day: Jasmine Tea by Golden Moon Tea

Description: Freshly picked green leaves layered with aromatic jasmine petals exquisetly crafted by hand to bring out the full flavor and fragrance of the jasmine flowers. 219 more words

Questions of Faith, Questions of Learning

Today I felt like branching out from my own little world and so I meandered through the various writings of others. I’m exceedingly interested in topics of religion, God(s), and human behavior in general and so these were the themes I looked into. 171 more words