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His Power Made Perfect in Weakness

On Sunday, May 19, I was finally released from the hospital after 26 days in that controlled, sterile medical environment.  What a joy it has been to be home again, sleeping in our quiet bedroom with no middle-of-the-night interruptions, and with my husband once again at my side! 1,744 more words

Christian Encouragement And Hope In Trials

Autism tis A-U-M, Poetry by Joan Carol Fullmore


Autism tis A-U-M
by Joan Carol Fullmore

Have you ever thought of our senses?
Four of five we have no control… 598 more words


Indignant Trust

Write this on a blank piece of paper:

Every feeling the name of the last person you talked to gives you

Whether it is decent, or indecent… 288 more words


Day 20: My Mother's Ring

I must have been about 13 years old when I bought my mother a ring for Mother’s Day. It wasn’t just any old ring, it was a ring I had my hand in designing. 767 more words

Writing 101

Prayer For May 3rd

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Lord,

Things in life rarely turn out the way we plan. So many of us our living in circumstances that we never envisioned for ourselves…so many live with unrealized dreams or painful regrets…with life altering illness for themselves or loved ones…with changed lives due to divorce, death and loss…with things like addictions, abuse, unemployment, financial devastation… 432 more words


Lordy Lordy I am almost 40!

I am 5 months away from turning 40… OOO LORT! I am so not ready. See growing up I never expected my life to be where I am now. 264 more words

My Journey