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Realizing the Narcissist is Crazy. And Believing It.

I have known for quite some time that my narcissistic ex-wife is crazy, but I kept suppressing it, just like everything else associated with our relationship.  1,055 more words


No One Is Judging You... or are they?

When you’re a parent you find yourself dishing out all manner of advise that you have no intention of following yourself. Countless times I’ve comforted pregnant and be-childed friends with The Classic ‘Its ok if your house is a mess, no one is judging you’.   572 more words

My MN ex's weird attitude to his son.

My malignant narcissist ex bullied our son without mercy through most of his childhood. I wrote about that in this article and a few others, so I won’t rehash it again here. 1,343 more words

Malignant Narcissism

Hoovering sucks

Before responding to my mother’s latest round of drama, I wanted to think. As I reflected on our last round of emails, I realized that I was pissed. 806 more words

Narcissistic Mother

My Role As The Cleaner

I have always been self- employed. I have never had a regular paycheque or been able to predict my working status further than a maximum of three months in advance. 312 more words


Burn Pile List #3... Emotional Hoovering

Tool #3 to add to my collection of crap not useful to a writer is the curse of unintentional emotional hoovering.

No, don’t toss your Dyson out into the yard just yet. 212 more words


Party Day, Get Out the Vacuum

Big Christmas/Holiday/It’s Been Snowing Party tonight.  Woo Hoo!  Rob’s making tenderloin, crab cakes and a tres leches cake and I’m cleaning the couch … . 200 more words