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Mary and the Church

Jesus is without sin. As such, He obeys all of the Ten Commandments perfectly.

To obey all of the commandments perfectly, He honors His Father and mother perfectly. 128 more words

Catholic Teaching

The Last Cherry Blossom

This week in dVerse Poetics Pub, the whole theme and prompt is about chivalry, knights, ladies, armor, jousts, courtly love, etc. going back in time. I have gone back in time to a different type of knight – the Samurai. 663 more words



let HONOR become synonymous with your reputation…leave a legacy of HONOR

Every Kingdom is built upon it and every civilization falls without it

Every relationship thrives because of it…

29 more words

My Heart Speaks the Truth

Loving sincerely

is all I know how to do.

My heart speaks the truth.

My Poetry Corner

We Will Miss You Billy Boy

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my first cousin William Chalmers Dorn Jr. Billy to almost everyone.

Billy was thirty-seven-years-old and hadn’t lost an ounce of baby fat since he was born. 969 more words

Common Sense Is Not So Common

Dilema Guru Honor

Ini ialah kisah yang kami dapatkan dari curaian kawan kami, perihal kisah salah seorang kawannya sesama mengajar di sekolah tempat ia mengajar sekarang. Kawannya tersebut ialah seorang guru honor, usianya setahun di bawah kami namun menurut cerita kawan kami wajahnya lebih tua dari usianya “Mungkin karena beratnya tantangan hidup yang dialami oleh kakak itu engku..” ujar kawan kami. 924 more words