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Three lessons from Barry & Deb (Judges 4-5)

After preaching through a section in Judges 4-5 that narrates the history of Deborah and Barack, here are some things that struck home for me: 549 more words


Honor and Protocol Gifts

Protocol and Honor Gifts

Proverbs 18:16 (GW)

16 A gift opens doors for the one who gives it     and brings him into the presence of great people… 506 more words


Virtue is its Own Reward

By Ben Nye (Arkansas)

It’s elegant language:

“Let it be ‘Laus Virtutis Actio,’ which we interpret literally ‘the deed is valor’s praise’ and symbolically “virtue is its own reward.’” 695 more words


A Gathering for Orson

It doesn’t seem that long ago, and yet, it does.

July 4th marked the passing of a friend, 2 years past, and yet it still seems like yesterday that we were sitting, laughing, and jibing and heckling each other. 536 more words


Am I ready?

“Ask God for patience and he will give you a line at the bank.”

I have spent my whole life asking God for the strength to fight my daily battles, for the resilience to last beyond the fight, for the integrity to fight a fair fight and for the sheer honesty to be able to tell my battle stories. 796 more words

Practice These 4 Things

Courage, Honor, Sacrifice, Duty.

What do these things really mean & how can we live by them?

It takes Courage to do what’s Right (Purity). 64 more words

I have lately realized that love, respect and forgiveness are all joined up with one big bow. They are intertwined parts of a gift that we not only give to others, but more importantly, also to ourselves.

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