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Guarding Our Endurance & 'Staying Power'

Your endurance or “staying power” is a by-product of a few simple things:

BE YOURSELF. Nothing is more tedious in life than to be constantly trying to be someone that you are not. 154 more words

Business And Personal Growth

Sixty Seven

When you find the one,
the others will never compare.


Wisdom or opinion

The world disagrees with God in every way that it can disagree, for example, we seek to “find ourselves” when God has already said that we are lost and must be found by Him. 288 more words


Re-learning the Word 'Generous'

As I was taking a walk, I ran into sweet B and his wonderful mom J. B is around  five years old (Korean age 6 maybe). 481 more words


Honesty | Writing Prompt #17

“Do. Not. Lie. To. Me!” she roared, pointing the sword at the bloody wreck of a man at her feet.

“I didn’t do it!” he protested, voice wavering like a candle in the wind. 145 more words

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Reflection on the Past Year

The next week or so marks my one year anniversary of being at my job. The job that I waited almost 12 months for after graduating from university in May 2013. 646 more words


Manipulation or dishonesty gets people what they think they want much...

Manipulation or dishonesty gets people what they think they want much of the time, but it really gets them nothing. A cheater with a trophy isn’t a winner. 32 more words