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Straight Pride?

A group of unidentified students at Youngstown State University in Ohio have apparently organized “Straight Pride” as a way to “kick off finals week.” While I guess it’s completely okay to have pride in being straight, I think there is some gross statements on the flyer that is a little hard to swallow. 289 more words


My Head, Spun

I hadn’t quite meant to say—in a general sense—that a moral objection to X (in this case, homosexuality) comes first, as almost visceral opinion, and only then comes the justification (i.e., reasons, argumentation, intellectualization). 507 more words

Daniel Hayes



For many years there has been killing of the people from the black race. We the blacks we invested in more than 100years of slavery your and my mother and father worked for nothing from sun up to sun down they never had a day off they only leaved praying to die soon. 604 more words

For the Bible Tells Me So

The other night, I watched a documentary with the same title as this here note. It has inspired me to write something. For starters, I must introduce you to the film. 2,301 more words


Spiritual Friendship

An eclipse of friendship. That is what author, theologian, and gay Christian Wesley Hill says has happened to friendship in our modern era. “Friendship is the freest, the leas constrained, the least fixed and determined, of all human loves.” (xiii) You can never stop being a parent. 773 more words


Study suggests homosexual parenting is emotionally detrimental to children. (BJE)

A study conducted by the British Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science using a sample of 207 007 children, including 512 with same-sex parents from the U.S. 99 more words