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In case I die tonight, I want you to know that I love homosexuals.

I utterly reject the accusation that I am a “homophobic.” On the contrary, I have great compassion and love for true homosexuals. 1,020 more words

The multidimensional, multifactorial nature of sexuality only adds to its elegance as a central tenet of the human experience.

-Dr. James Hamblin, The Politics of Sexuality, The Atlantic, 5 March 2015


Ben Carson Apologizes After Backlash Over Homosexuality Comment

Blindsided by the furor his comments provoked on the Right and Left, neurosurgeon Ben Carson apologized Wednesday for saying that homosexuality is a choice. 190 more words

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Ben Carson, Prison Does Not Prove Being Gay Is A Choice

For many Black children born in the 1980s, Ben Carson is a hero. He is, as BuzzFeed’s Joel Anderson describes in a well-done profile about the surgeon-turned-GOP-presidential-contender, “an icon of Black triumph.” Carson was never this to me, but his allure amongst the community as a collective is undeniable. 693 more words

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Pocket Protest | PRIDE

We need you! Text PRIDE to 0456 814 832 to join our Pocket Protest network.

We’ll be keeping you updated on how you can take action to support LGBTQI rights around the world. 13 more words

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