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What to do?

My dad usually calls me for any summer type of holiday and invites the family over to swim. Sometimes we go, sometimes we don’t. It just depends on what we are doing, but I always get the phone call. 451 more words


What Would Jesus Say to the Homosexual?

People who have romantic desires for those of the same sex have been asking a number of questions to the people who should know the answers—the church. 557 more words



Your Catholic blues, your convent shoes,
Your stick-on tattoos now they’re making the news
Your holy war, your northern star
Your sermon on the mount from the boot of your car.
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Through A Glass Darkly

what should a gay christian do?

I was wondering if you have a post that explicitly addresses how you believe Christians who experience same sex attractions should live their lives in terms of romance.

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Following Supreme Court decision on 'gay' marriage, its time to regroup and refocus

Done with the whole homosexual marriage debate. Fine, have your ‘marriages,’ just stop shoving your sexuality in our faces already. To me, the constant pro-sodomy propaganda being pushed upon us and our children is many times more offensive than any two people being allowed to enter into a legal contract with each other. 75 more words

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My sister had a gay porn star on her bike tour. She said, “I know, from watching his porno movies, that he has a waxed asshole.”


That's so Gay

You know I was all set to write about atheists last week. Because I like atheists, some of them at least, and I find they make a lot of valid points that should be addressed. 1,735 more words