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The Short-Lived Love

My mom disagreed to both my homosexuality and she thought that love had come too early for me.

So, I have to break up with John. 502 more words

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The Church Is a Step Behind . . . Again

Indiana has recently followed the example of other states in enacting legislation to allow businesses to discriminate based on religious beliefs. Conservative Christians will applaud Indiana for standing up for religious freedom and will not be bothered that the discrimination will usually be against homosexuals. 470 more words

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FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: We have a Natural Right to Discriminate

I have been watching this ‘debate’ over discrimination with great amusement.  First of all, I shouldn’t call it a debate.  In reality, it is bullying, but not by the people discriminating, but by the people who claim to be trying to stop discrimination.  1,328 more words

Natural Law

Beating the Living **** Out of A Dead Horse

I agree with you but you’re wrong.

I have been hearing more and more arguments by people who hate the newly signed law in Indiana protecting religious liberty.   639 more words

The Imitation Game - A film about Alan Turin - Review. How one of the greatest minds of our time was broken by homophobia and intolerance.

I have just watched the film ‘The Imitation Game’ about Alan Turin’s work at Bletchley Park during the Second World War.

One strand of the film was concerned with the breaking of the Enigma code and the moral dilemmas that produced. 203 more words


Standing with Indiana Governor Mike Pence

By: Susan Bea Good


A friend is facing attacks, and it’s time to join him in the fight. Last week Governor Mike Pence signed a bill protecting the religious rights of the citizens of Indiana. 179 more words


Does Apple risk blowback over Tim Cook's gay rights activism?

”It has been extraordinary watching how Apple CEO Tim Cook has emerged as a leader on the issue of gay rights,” Michelle Quinn writes for SiliconBeat. 241 more words

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