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Beginning The Journey

Self sufficiency. It’s a concept that my wife and I have been thinking a lot about, lately.  Why do we spend all of our time working for money, just so we can hand it over to the grocery store? 272 more words



Many of my friends know of the, WHAT WAS THAT, moment of my day today.  It started around 4:15 a.m….the sounds were odd…really odd.  They were coming from the bottom of the gentle hillside leading away from our goat enclosure.  280 more words

Moving To Oregon

Buck Pictures

I’ve been asked by a couple of prospective buyers for more buck pictures, so I figured I’d just make a post with them for easy access.  124 more words


Good Neighbors

Miss Dorothy is somewhere in her late eighties. She’s tiny, adorable, and charmingly eccentric. She’s got a Southern accent as thick as molasses in January and a love for knit caps and men’s heavy duty work shirts, which always look like they’re swallowing her whole. 575 more words


In additional news


The Turklets are doing great and we finally got them a pen and run set up and moved them outside. They are loving it so far!!! 301 more words

The fox and the hens

With 60 chickens and 8 turkeys there is a lot to do. Chores galore when it comes to taking care of them, keeping them cleaned, watered and fed. 462 more words

Two days to go!

Imagine a life where the mosquitoes were as big as mice. It could have happened you know. And right about now we are heaving with mosquitoes. 288 more words