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Bread baking trials

Baking bread at our house is nearly an every day occurrence, but I remember my first try at making bread. I also remember the first time I tried baking bread in my old wood range. 531 more words


Bringing in the ewes

We’ve finally brought the first lot of ewes in!

I’ve been wanting to bring them in for a while now, but we’ve had our hands tied by the weather. 348 more words


Beautiful Sunset

God is an amazing artist with the sky as His canvas.

Pictures never do it justice.


Garden Update: The Onions are up!

Hey Everyone!

Well, as you can see below, the onions are up. They all came up pretty fast actually. It’s those seeds from MIGardener, they’re good ones! 264 more words


It is just about Broody chicken and duck season!

It won’t be long even though I know it is hard to believe . The days are getting longer. The hens are picking up in egg production. 83 more words

Snow Day Baking

I received Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook as a Christmas gift from the hubby.  I have always loved Martha (well at least the aura of all her work and recipes) going all the way back to my childhood when on Saturday mornings I didn’t watch cartoons, but Martha Stewart’s show instead. 708 more words


Home Inspection Results

Hey Everyone!

So, we got our home inspection done yesterday afternoon. After 3 hours of driving a almost a 5 hour trip, I’m extremely happy to say that we passed the inspection with flying colors! 314 more words