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Chicken things

So a while ago, I shared Oreo with you.

Oreo was purchased this past October as a pullet, which is a young FEMALE laying hen. Oreo was the youngest “hen” I had, so I was only slightly annoyed when all the girls were laying and Oreo wasn’t yet, I figured it would just take a little bit longer.. 661 more words


Signs of Spring

Between the birds, the bees, the soil, and me, we are all starting to thaw from a long winter and wake up to a beautiful spring.   322 more words


Sometimes the Right Thing is Also the Hard Thing

I recently had to make a tough decision in my flock. I had given one of my Brahma hens to another chicken-keeping friend last summer when she was still a juvenile. 513 more words


Garden, Farm or Homestead

I can’t settle on what to call this space. I looked at the formal definitions…. BLAH. I try them on in various situations… BLAH. None of them seem to fit. 130 more words


New Life

We were gone on a family trip this last weekend, about which I will post later. Before we left I told my brother in law, who would be watching our animals, that if we were going to have baby sheep this year they would surely be born while we were away. 57 more words