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12 Tips for Easing Homesickness

Anyone who has moved away from family and friends has likely encountered the heart-ripping, nerve-inducing dread that is homesickness. This feeling doesn’t last forever though, and I’ve learned a few tricks that help ease the anxiety. 1,301 more words


Homesickness of the Inner-Home ✈

“…home is in the end not just the place where you sleep, but the place where you stand.” – Pico Iyer

Where do you come from? 370 more words


those who remain will sustain

chelsea smith | contributing writer

The craziest part of the high school to college transition is by far blunt reality. It’s graduation day and the sun has illuminated everything around you with a soft, loving glow. 719 more words


On Missing Home

It’s funny that the homesickness has actually increased the more I’ve been at college. In the beginning, I was bombarded with so many new people, new classes, new activities, and just so much ‘newness’ that I was solely focused on swimming through it all just to stay afloat. 423 more words


Video: This is what living in Cape Town feels like

This. In this video are the things I’m talking about when I talk about home. This is what I picture when I get homesick for Cape Town, South Africa… 494 more words



Living so far away from where I was born and raised,  I find it liberating that nothing here reminds me of my past.  This is all new.   234 more words


U. of Illinois service delivers home-cooked meals to homesick students

While some students see college as a stepping-stone to independence, adjusting to an unfamiliar lifestyle away from home has proved challenging for others.

To combat homesickness, three alumni from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Niraj Patel, Chris Shah and Bogdan Ciuca – recently created  764 more words