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God Says the World Belongs To Him

God tells Moses that the children of Israel should listen to Him and follow the commandments which He gave. God gives the reason that the whole world belongs to Him. 334 more words

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Jethro Tells Moses to Get Help Serving the Children of Israel

Jethro comes to Moses and sees how he is answering all of the questions and disputes from the children of Israel all by himself. Jethro tells Moses that he must not do it all alone as he will get worn out. 322 more words

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Joshua led the children of Israel to war against Amalek. When Moses raised his hand, Israel was strong. When Moses lowered his hand the children of Israel were overpowered. 191 more words

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Why do People Protest?

The children of Israel protest to  Moses that they are thirsty. Moses asks the children of Israel why they protest against him and why they test God. 244 more words


The Children of Israel Complain to Moses

The children of Israel now complain to Moses because they are hungry.

Discuss Complaining About Being Hungry:

  • What is the difference between being hungry and starving?
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Thinking Versus Complaining

The children of Israel left Egypt. They are in the wilderness and see the Egyptians coming. They complain that they would rather have been slaves in Egypt. 387 more words

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Seven With No Leaven

The children of Israel are told that during the seven days of what is now known as the Passover holiday they are not to have any leaven. 269 more words

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