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The Children of Israel Complain to Moses

The children of Israel now complain to Moses because they are hungry.

Discuss Complaining About Being Hungry:

  • What is the difference between being hungry and starving?
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Thinking Versus Complaining

The children of Israel left Egypt. They are in the wilderness and see the Egyptians coming. They complain that they would rather have been slaves in Egypt. 387 more words

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Seven With No Leaven

The children of Israel are told that during the seven days of what is now known as the Passover holiday they are not to have any leaven. 269 more words

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The Plague of Locusts Expanded Throughout the Borders of Egypt

God said that He would spread locusts throughout the borders of Egypt, but no locusts would enter over the border to where the children of Israel lived. 234 more words


Pharaoh's Servants Ask Pharaoh to Let the Children of Israel Go

Pharaoh’s servants have had enough. They ask Pharaoh¬†to let the children of Israel go to serve their God as they have asked to do. 328 more words

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Pharaoh's Request to Moses

Pharaoh asked Moses to plea to God for him to stop the plague.

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Discussion Questions regarding pleas and  prayers:

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Pharaoh is Given a Warning

God tells Moses to instruct Pharaoh that anything or anyone who he does not bring in from the field and conceal will be struck down from hail. 228 more words

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