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The huge disadvantage of homeschooling

Of course if you talk to others who were homeschooled they and I would agree that there are a number of other things that are disadvantages of homeschooling. 1,263 more words


Algebra I - Libertas Academy

Libertas Algebra 

(8th grade – High School)

Students ready to begin instruction in Algebra can expect a fun and interesting year with this course.  Using the Life of Fred Beginning Algebra text, this class will provide instruction in all required skills for high school level Algebra. 504 more words


School Woes

Oh guys… It breaks my heart a little bit to write this one…

We are about halfway through our homeschooling curriculum (after 9 weeks of public school, we started over at week 1 of Sonlight, and we’ll go through the summer) and the boys are still asking to go back to “real school”. 693 more words


Inspired by John Holt

Last week I attended a homeschooling book group discussion about The Legacy of John Holt. We were fortunate to have Pat Farenga in attendance. He shared stories about John Holt the person — his ideas, his journey, his quirks, and his commitment to his beliefs. 439 more words


The Beginning, The Everything Room, and a High Maintenance Crayon Roll

I’ve been asked a few times how all “this” started. How did I go from being someone who had only ever touched a sewing machine in a high school Home Economics class to THIS, nearly 20 years later? 487 more words


The Power of Fiction

Fiction affects society, for good or ill, often as much or more than real-life situations. If Charles Dickens had lectured about the plight of real-life orphans in London, would it have had the same effect as writing… 666 more words


HS English - Libertas Academy

High School English

The objective of this course is to provide a foundational skill set for students in reading comprehension and analytical writing.¬† The goal of this class is to open the students’ minds to the vast enjoyment available in truly understanding and being able to discuss works of literature. 403 more words