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David and Autism Awareness

Where does the time go?  Oh – laundry, dishes, meal times, snacks, playgrounds, play dates, learning, kisses, hugs, church, grocery shopping, bedtimes, baths, fishing strange things out of the toilet, avoiding the lego obstacle course on the way down the hall – oh yeah.   983 more words


The Homeschool History Project: Handcrafting High School: Year 2: American Government

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

I interpret this quote to mean that through studying history people are less likely to repeat past mistakes. 1,574 more words


Handcrafting 10th grade: The Plan for 2015/2016

Eclectic? Absolutely! Academic? Of Course! Innovative? You Know It!

It’s Organic, Too! (I am a chemist, after all! ;-))

History: American government & politics with writing… 1,248 more words


Why Being Advanced Doesn’t Really Matter

One of the first things I discovered being a mom is that I live in a culture where being advanced is applauded. When Timmy was a little over a year old, a local TV show featured a 2-year-old genius who can write and read like a 5-year-old. 1,397 more words


Homeschool Convention - Why I like it...

… and how I do it.

Conventions are sort of a love ’em or hate ’em thing in homeschool circles.  We happen to live in a state that has a pretty large one, which is (from what I’ve heard) one of the better state ones. 2,599 more words


Making jam tarts with toddler tomorrow

My writing warm up blog post today was going to be about upcycling packaging from amazon (ludicrous amounts for the tinniest item so plenty of materials to play with) into toddler art wrapping paper and underwater scenes, but whilst search the pictures on my computer I realised the one I want was on my phone and the lead is somewhere on my desk, this should not be a problem but if you had ever seen my desk you would know it is! 133 more words


Elementary/Early Middle School Chemistry and Physics

Upper Elementary and Early Middle School Chemistry and Physics This class will use the Charlotte Mason methodology to give your student an introduction to the fascinating world of chemistry and physics. 154 more words