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Sewing Day

Last week was a usual flurry of activity. Some days it rained. Thanks to Grandma M the Magic School Bus DVD collection became a top item in the house. 299 more words

The Story of an Ex-Good Girl: Part Two

HA Note: The following is reprinted with permission from Exgoodgirl’s blog The Travels and Travails of an Ex-Good Girl. It was originally published on August 2, 2014 and has been slightly modified for HA. 847 more words


The Biggest Idol of All

God has been doing a number in me about a specific idol for some time and it’s been an incredibly uncomfortable process.  I’ve been praying, repenting, making different choices, letting go, holding on, begging God to not let it be so and of course…by the grace of God relenting.  1,447 more words

A Few Easter Crafts

 Today we discussed the week leading up to Christ’s crucifixion.
Of course, my kids know the Easter story quite well but we went into more depth, discussing how we thought everyone would feel at the time. 84 more words


Special Needs Homeschool Curriculum

It is homeschool convention season here in the US.  As the current school term winds down, families are planning their purchases for next term.  This also means that curriculum catalogs are starting to arrive in the mail.   431 more words


Could Spring Finally Be Here?

Finally! A real Spring day. An open the windows, go for a bike ride, play with marbles and draw chalk art kind of day. The kids and I have been outside more than we’ve been in. 198 more words


A Bold Beginning!

Before meeting friends at a park this morning, we stopped into a local Starbucks so I could grab a coffee.  As we waited for our drink, I realized we were standing by this display for small-lot coffee from Brazil, so kiddo and I had a nice little talk about how the letters spelled “Brazil” and coffee can be grown in Brazil. Learning happens everywhere!