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Pez dispensers

Line: Pez
Year: 2000
5 – Homer; Marge; Bart; Lisa; Maggie

Aah, Pez. With its own enormous following of devoted collectors, it was inevitable that these two pop culture juggernauts would intersect one day. 49 more words


The Simpsons Renewed For Two More Seasons!

The longest running animated prime-time television show has no signs of slowing down as it was announced today that The Simpsons will go on for… 77 more words


homer party poops and learns some respect for abe on the simpsons.

when homer tires of all the crazyness parents are going for their kids parties he starts to play party pooper and sabotage them only to have the so called party planner mafia come after him and say because of his actions he is blackballed and his kids will never have another birthday party which marge makes the joke of that bart and lisa will remain the age they are now so homer winds up agreeing to stop that by hosting a party for todd flanders  yes ned used as a punishment for homer. 104 more words


Literary Legislation (Part 1)

A writer is something of an absolute monarch. In the domain of the author, literary legislation may be unilaterally enacted to improve the lives of women in created myth. 300 more words


Apollonian rhythm

Verse also had a function in oracles—the Greeks claimed that the hexameter was invented at Delphi—because here, too, rhythm was supposed to effect a compulsion. Asking for a prophecy meant originally (according to the etymology of the word that seems most probably to me) to get something determined: one thought that once could compel the future by gaining the favor of Apollo, who was originally taken to be much more than a prescient god. 41 more words


Trojan Fruit

resist the nostalgia for history
nature presented by Homer
ferocious red fiction still raw
in its roots shooting vines
through millennia fruited with
heirlooms of misery man in… 123 more words


She walks delicately

“What could I do? All things are in the hand of heaven, and Folly, eldest of Jove’s daughters, shuts men’s eyes to their destruction. She walks delicately, not on the solid earth, but hovers over the heads of men to make them stumble or to ensnare them.”

— Homer, The Iliad