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Words Crush Wednesday - The Homeric Version

So, last week’s Words Crush Wednesday was from Book IV of the Iliad, where Agamemnon is trying to goad Diomedes into getting pumped up for the battle by insulting him.   356 more words

Greek Mythology

Taking Issue With Homer: We Shouldn't Approve of Achilles (Plato, Republic 390e-391a)

Earlier today I posted some fragments from Plato the Comic poet. Here’s a bit from that other Plato, you know, the philosopher.

“We should not praise Achilles’ teacher Phoinix as speaking prudently when he advises him to take the gifts and defend the Achaeans, but not to give up on his rage without the gifts. 40 more words


The Fish #13

As the rosy-fingered dawn found its way to the wine-dark bay, Pearly still tossed and turned beneath the sheets.

She was scuba diving, riding along with a nurse shark, loosely grasping one of its dorsal fins, remoras waving gently on its back as they swam together. 878 more words


Retiring, Then Getting to Work

I’ve read that more and more Americans are working later in life — 60s, 70s, even 80s. In some cases, service gives these people a sense of purpose and a reason to live. 480 more words


Daan Roosegaarde Waterlicht

In his latest art installation, Daan Roosegaarde joins great masters such as Homer, Turner and many others in tackling the subject of the endless battle between man and nature. 371 more words

Art History

Dozier's two homers power Twins to 8-1 win over White Sox

The Twins cruised to an 8-1 win over the White Sox Sunday in Chicago thanks to two Brian Dozier home runs. The Twins are leaving Chicago after winning two of three games in the weekend series. 194 more words


Phemius and Demodocus: Two Bards Considered

In Homer’s Odyssey, we encounter two different examples of poets, one hailing from the halls of Ithaca, and the other from the land of the Phaeacians. 730 more words