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Challenge: 1 Month of No Resturants 

Here lately we have eaten out a lot. I could go through my laundry list of excuses, but the reality is, there was a couple of weeks were were busy and just ate out, then it became so easy! 309 more words


Grocery Shopping Alternatives for the Busy Mom (or "I Can't Go to the Store with All My Kids!")

Going through those sliding glass doors with all the kids, armed with my shopping list and a well-planned route through the store, can be likened to a “mission impossible”. 641 more words


Powering Down

You’re a stay at home mom. The house is a mess. Dishes need washed. Laundry needs folded. Bills need written out and sent. Toys are everywhere. 583 more words

waffle summer

This is fun.

I love making breakfast for the children.  The best thing about summer vacation is that the extra time we have makes it possible to do so.   535 more words

A Simply Lovely Life

An entire generation of confused women.

Each passing day, makes me realize how hard it must have been for my Mum. To be a homemaker. Day in, day out. Every single day. 1,357 more words

Nerdy Sunday!

Morning Postive

Months before my husband and I relocated I sold my Jeep Cherokee, wanting to save on insurance, somehow the thought didn’t occur to me that it would be nice for me to have vehicle once we moved and I thought I would be able to ride my bike for the majority of my needs, which turns out to not be the case. 308 more words

Morning Thanks And Positive Thoughts

Weekly C o n n e c t Feature #13

Hi, I’m Francesca.
In the face behind The Hungry Homemaker Blog.

I’m a 30 year old married mother of two. Before children I worked as a hairstylist in a salon, now my daily hair appointment usually involve piggy tails and bows! 176 more words