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What rules did I have while living homeless in New York?

Alan Emmins is the author of Bench Bugs: Portraits of Homeless New York

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My ambition when deciding to embark on this project was to document, as plainly as possible, the lives of the… 774 more words


Homeless, Not Heartless

I don’t delude myself into thinking that this world is a great place. In fact, I think that the world we’ve created is often a rather bleak, unwelcoming place for many of us. 404 more words



I certainly never imagined that I would ever face homelessness, people like me didn’t, that’s myth number 1, as I found out it can happen to anybody and that is a reality in our harsh economic times. 544 more words

Mental Health

Get Debt Free, Stay Debt Free!

A few years ago I wrote some blog posts regarding a time in my life when I was left massively in debt.

The posts proved very popular and several people contacted me for publicity, magazine articles and – most tellingly – help and advice. 89 more words


Arrogant fool of an employee attacks employers and expects to get away with it

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,045

Wednesday 01 April 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

On the Andrew Marr Show, 29 March 2015, regarding his welfare reforms Iain Duncan Smith stated: “I was told that people would be driven into homelessness, there’d be people on the streets, people moving hundreds of miles to other cities. 384 more words

Ending homelessness while fostering homelessness?

On Monday, Governor Shumlin announced a series of initiatives to end child and family homelessness in Vermont by the year 2020. I didn’t really give it a thought, honestly; these dates and deadlines are announced with much fanfare; but as with sports prognostications, nobody ever checks up on the outcome. 349 more words

Peter Shumlin