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The Importance of Dignity for the Homeless

As a country we have worked hard to confront many of the challenges faced by others, but one which remains largely taboo is homelessness. Much like mental illness (which, coincidentally, is not terribly uncommon among the homeless population), everyone acknowledges that homelessness is a problem, but it has not yet reached the level of being a sexy topic which people don shirts or ribbons for. 340 more words

The Geffrye Museum

Having been in London the other day for domestic and familial purposes, I thought I would get a cultural fix from visiting the Geffrye Museum… 1,031 more words

The Reality of Being Homeless Worthing

I have raised issues regarding the way that WCHP is being managed, and the impact this could be having on the homeless of Worthing.

This is the truth of being homeless in Worthing:  21 more words

WCHP - Vision / Mission Statement

I notice that WCHP no longer have their Vision / Mission Statement on their website.  I wonder if it was considered one step of hypocrisy too far?   33 more words

South Africa: Meet Steven

It’s now been a month since I returned from my trip to South Africa. It’s kind of unreal.

The highlight of my trip was meeting this man: 372 more words

Homeless Youth Who've Beaten the Odds Speak Out

Such an enlightening — and in some ways, disturbing — panel discussion among homeless and formerly homeless youth.

There were ten of them, brought together by the… 1,073 more words


The Tattoo Machine by Steve Toase

Barrel of a Bic Cristal biro (clear)

Duracell MN1604 Alkali 9V battery

The rotary motor from Hitachi TRK-W350E Radio Twin Cassette Player

One roll of insulating tape (Black) 292 more words