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No Justice, No Peace?

People are falling through the holes in the Spanish socialist safety net, and I see them every day on the streets of Sevilla. European countries like Spain are known for their “cradle-to-grave” assistance for struggling workers, but homeless beggars still squat outside grocery stores holding signs proclaiming “ 487 more words

Study Abroad

This is Why Poverty Matters

“In downtown L.A., however, as many as 54 blocks — between Third Street and Seventh Street, from Alameda to Main — are almost entirely given over to the homeless, the limbless, the drug-addicted and the mentally ill. 499 more words

Christian Writing

I Am The Great I Am.

You Are the great “I Am” Dear God. You are my Heavenly Father. You are my hope. You are my breath. You are my life. There is no God besides you. 171 more words

Divine Protection

Rising demand has far wider social & economic implications on our future

By D.P.Friel

It is abundantly clear by now that the UK’s housing supply is not keeping up with current demand. In fact it is on a knifeedge. 515 more words


Some Thoughts on Charity at Christmastime

Every year, as we approach Christmas, a privileged guilt sweeps over the more fortunate individuals in our society. This guilt is galvanized, of course, when we stare at the unnecessary items of indulgence that form a pile in our shopping trolleys in the final weeks of December. 696 more words


The Boat Ramp/Dock

Sometimes, I see you when I drive down to the boat ramp. As I pull my kayak from my car, shrug into my life jacket, and propel into the river, I wonder what you’re doing. 630 more words

Sharing in Life

Proverbs 3:27

“Whenever you are able, do good to people who need help.”

For reasons that we don’t totally understand, some of us appear to have been more blessed than… 101 more words