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This week is the one year anniversary of living in our 2-bedroom rental cottage. It took us three years of searching and begging, good friends, good luck plus half a high-tech salary to secure it. 1,311 more words


Content and Discreet

Content to be a wage slave,
I sing praises to the USA.
Better to be like everyone else,
Than to seek a better way.

Content to pledge allegiance, 121 more words


Gentrification causes homelessness? Simplistically linking problems does not translate to good housing policy

by Mukta Naik

Scholars, bloggers and journalists in the Global North, especially in the UK and the US, have drawn clear links between the process of gentrification and the increase in homelessness since the early 2000s. 1,110 more words


Community groups come together to assist veterans in need

Homelessness still continues to be a major issue for U.S. veterans in 2015.

Community groups specifically tackling the problem were at the “Vet Aid 2015″ event on Saturday. 100 more words


If I won the lottery

What they say is true: you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. I bought a lottery ticket once to use as a visual device for a lesson at church; we were talking about coveting and about contentment. 1,486 more words

I Am Not Brave, I Am Not Proud

Photo credit: kconnors from morguefile.com

Last week, I was picking up my four-year-old from school. I like my daughter’s child development center (daycare) because I have to use a special card key just to get into the building. 1,287 more words