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Dead on arrival

I think Hawk was dead before he arrived at the hospital.  Hawk, real name Jeffery Stephan Hadden, was found on a bench in a place called Times Square, Fort Myers Beach Florida, this past Saturday night.  642 more words



This is not a word that you would think would be associated with homelessness.  It is.  From Albuquerque to Key West, it is there.  I imagine it is present in the rest of the country that I haven’t seen yet.  436 more words


Inspiring AU student conquers homelessness

Student pulls herself up, heads to law school

By Leah Bitsky

Imagine living a secret life where no one knows the real you. Imagine waking up every morning, unsure you’ll be able to afford dinner that night and wondering where you’ll be waking up the next morning. 1,210 more words


Boat People

There is a population that chooses to live on the waterways of the United States.  Some have boats that are sound that will travel all through the Inter Coastal Waterways, or ICW, and others that can’t go any further than where they are moored.  528 more words


"I Get Calls To Identify Dead Homeless People"

A lovely woman from the local Homeless Team came in today on behalf of a client. As we chatted she mentioned that occasionally she gets a call from the coroner asking her to go to the local mortuary to identify the body of a homeless person. 297 more words


Who do you know who is a Veteran?

We all know someone who is a Veteran.  They don’t look any different… they seem to fit in, laugh at the same jokes, work hard, drive a car, have a job… well… most of them do anyway.   325 more words


Do We "Talk the Talk" or "Walk the Walk"?

To walk as Christ walked…
that’s what we’re to do today.
Not to judge and condemn…
or “talk Christianity” like many say.
For it’s not about what we say… 94 more words