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So much for a place to heal....Lyme & co doesn't make me TOTALLY stupid

I went and stayed with an old friend.  Good Christian woman… but I had forgotten she had another streak..

so… I lasted ummm…..just over 4 months there. 792 more words

Me & My Story

I love my comfy... cosy bed....

Do you hate waking up? That cosy, comfy bed…. Ahhh the morning where you just hate to get out of bed…

There really isn’t anything wrong with having a nice, cosy, comfy bed, except for that reason alone, it’s comfy , it’s cosy so you don’t want to get out of it. 772 more words


Is the city an advantage?

In modern civilization we deal with many of the most primitive issues that have faced individual entities since the dawn of time. The issue is that there is always a bigger fish. 628 more words


Project Touchdown : Experiencing the pain of rough sleeping

Spend a night sleeping where I do,
See what I see,
Hear what I hear,
Feel what I feel,
Then maybe you’ll understand,
What life is like for me…

823 more words
Food Distribution

Vancouver Library has 2 or 3 Security Guards Working at one time. Why are they there?

The most I have ever seen work in any other library was 1 per shift. I think Vancouver needs to make up for a badly, yet exquisitely designed library. 403 more words


Veteran Loses House to House Jacker

I spoke with a Lady Veteran who struggles with getting her benefits that she has earned.  She has had to find her Veteran son who was kicked out on the street and made homeless by a man who… 250 more words