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Lithuanians you probably know

The country we are from is so tiny, that you can hardly find it on a map. But people who live in this small country are thinking big. 478 more words


Ryan Reynolds Tweets Deadpool Image

Sure. The ONE day I have a meeting, Ryan Reynolds tweeted a pic of THE Deadpool suit. He didn’t even call me first. SMH….. he may be off the Christmas card list this year… 86 more words

The Slogan for Department of Homeland Security: Wheels Up, Pants Down

When the Colombia scandal broke the country was appalled that the “best of the best” were engaged in such outrageous behavior. “Debauchery” of our agents, funded by the American taxpayers, was the clear indication from preliminary reports. 948 more words

Congressional bill passes, paving way for Amendment

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – The Senate today passed and sent to the President the bill which the House of Representatives endorsed last week, the Corrected Orthography to Protect The Homeland at All Times (COP THAT). 239 more words


New This Week: Sons of Anarchy, Homeland, The Americans, Peter Pan, Fading Gigolo, Wadjda, Legends of the Fall, The Thin Red Line

New this week on Presto

  Highlights for the Week

Five complete seasons of the fan-favorite Sons of Anarchy rides onto Presto this week!

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are two KGB spies posing as the perfect American couple in Regan’s USA in  738 more words


Retiring Tired Myths about the Modern MENA

By Jesse Wheeler

Thanks to the advent of social media, my access to Western media sources is nearly as good (perhaps even better) than it would be were I not an immigrant living in Beirut, Lebanon, just another sign of the ever shrinking world we inhabit. 1,333 more words


I miss Mexico,

I miss the fresh orange juice and my mum’s cooking.

I miss Puebla,

the brave warrior Popocatepetl, las chalupas and nieves. 86 more words