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T is for: the Tiles

The tiles are used in all manner of games, for fun and for stakes. They are popular with children and adults of all levels of society, and the only differences found are in the quality of the tiles and the types of games played. 468 more words


Saturday ramblings...

Ahh Saturday… not quite a weekday, not quite Sunday.. that slice of nothingness in between, where an uncertain anxiousness prevails. Not that the week holds anything of importance, it is just there. 753 more words


Soda Extracts

Whether you’re looking for something for the kids or just looking to fill that spare keg with something, we stock Ginger, Root Beer and Cola soda extracts. 21 more words


S is for: Siaiwh, water spirit

Siaiwh lighted in the deep dark below, surrounded by the bubbling laughter of siblings lighting. There was slow groaning all around from older spirits of earth, and quiet whispers from timeless spirits of dark. 896 more words


Lingering Wounds for 5th Edition D&D

As much as I’m digging 5th edition, the ability to completely heal all damage with a long rest doesn’t sit well with me.  Here’s a simple method that allows for lingering wound effects without bogging down the game.   306 more words

Homebrew & Houserules

Stealing from 5th Edition D&D for 5th Edition Pendragon

One of my pet peeves with Pendragon is its use of reflexive modifiers on opposed checks.

If a mounted lance-wielder attacked a dagger-armed man on foot, the mounted man would receive a +5 modifier to his Lance skill for being mounted, while the man on foot would suffer a –5 modifier to his Dagger skill for the disadvantage of such a tiny weapon against a lance in this situation. 396 more words

Homebrew & Houserules