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Volcano erupts in Galapagos Islands, home to unique pink iguanas


A volcano perched atop one of Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands erupted in the early hours of Monday, the local authorities said, potentially threatening a unique species of pink iguanas. 264 more words

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Selamat Datang

Oei Tiong Ham adalah seorang Pengusaha handal dari Semarang yang terkenal bukan hanya kaya tetapi juga mengubah tradisi dari perdagangan tradisional ke perdagangan modern dan melahirkan para profesional di kalangan Tionghoa pada awal abad 20. 157 more words


Invocation/Ready To Fly

I stand at the edge, owning my potential, knowing that my further surrender will bring me closer to union, to divine blessing.

To surrender into eternal possibility, spiritual raptor and an endless grid of light.   98 more words


Memorial Day

First, let me start off by saying that I am so very thankful that men and women fought so hard for our freedom. To know so many soldiers died while fighting that battle, is devastating. 293 more words


Sydney Writers' Festival 2015 - On Home and Exile

It’s pouring. We wait outside the Philharmonic Studio on the wharf for the session On Exile and Home where an organiser pokes the bulge full of water in the canvas roof and a waterfall cascades over the edge. 618 more words


Study: High altitude may increase babies' risks for SIDS deaths

CHICAGO (AP) — A study has found that living in higher altitudes where there is less oxygen may be a contributing factor to sudden infant death syndrome, but doctors say more research needs to be done. 104 more words


100 Days InFocus - Day 42

The wind sings me a prodigal song,
music for the journey as the light
grows long across a dusty path.

There is no time now for hurrying, 60 more words