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Homework of 3/7/15

Eng-Q1 b of w/s, task 6 of ACtive Spelling
Hindi-Q1 a,b of w/s
Maths-Q5, 7 of pg 66,67 of MathsWB
Note-Dear parents please download the Hindi Concept sheet 4A again and do Q1 with the update on done in it and send it back on Monday


Homework for 2/7/15

Eng-Q2 of CS
Maths-Q4, Q6 on pg 66 of Maths WB
Evs-Q1 of GK of DMI, Q2 of CS


Hw for 3/7/15

Eng: Task 5 of AS. Q3 of ws.

Maths: Q1 of ws. Write number names 121 to 130 in note bk 2.

Hindi: Q3 of ws.

Home Work

Hw for 2/7/15

Eng: Pg 33 of MG. Q2 of ws.

Maths: Pg 46-47 of wk.bk.

Evs: Q2 of CS. Q2 of Evs and Q1 of GK in ws. 16 more words

Home Work

Homework for 1/7/15

Eng-Q1 A of w/s
Hindi-Q1 of CS
Maths-Q1 of CS


Hw for 1/7/15

eng: Q2 of CS. Q1a/b of ws.

Hindi: Q 2 and 3 of CS. Q1and 2 of ws.

Maths: Pg 46 and 47 of wk bk.

Home Work

Homework for 30/6/15

Eng- ReAd the lesson I Want and do pg 36 of TB

Hindi- Do Q1 on pg 16 of AP

EVS- Read pages 13 and 14 of GT and do Q1 of Concept sheet