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Homework of 26-2-15

Eng-Q3 of w/s
Maths-Q3 of w/s
Evs-Q1 of w/s


Homework of 25-2-15

Eng-Q2 of w/s
Hindu-Q2 of w/s
Maths-Q2 of w/s
Vidhyarthi note and note N-155 sent


Homework of 24-2-15

Eng-Q1 of w/s
Hindi-Q1 of w/s
Evs-Read lessons Our earth,Seasons, How the wheel was invented


Homework of 23-2-15

Eng-Recite poem on 94,do pg95
Hindi-read pic story on pg19
Maths-Q1 of w/s


Standing up for myself

Big changes in my office this week.

I have decided to stand up for myself. Not in any altruistic or grandstanding kind of way, but in an ‘everything is a foot taller’ kind of way. 601 more words

Home Work


Rose is a type of shrub. Wild roses consist of more than 100 species. Generally, roses are thorny bushes. Rose plant height can reach 2-5 meters. 166 more words


New 'domestic' watercolour paintings

 This is a little sneak peek of my new series of paintings. They are based on a year’s worth of photographs I’ve taken of the lint from our dryer trap. 25 more words