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Calling all parents!

I’ve come back inside from the great outdoors to think about work, excited by the prospect of my picture book being released this week.

I reckon there’ll not be a parent out there who hasn’t known an inquisitive little spark like this one, endlessly wanting to investigate and not understanding why parents just don’t seem to appreciate it! 86 more words


While many families headed to campsites or mountain retreats, we decided to stay close to home this weekend.

We learned about the meaning  of Memorial Day and watched a documentary about the history of guns and their impact on various wars. 175 more words

Home Schooling

Blood and Gore

WARNING:  Graphic Images

You sit in a darkened multiplex, popcorn and licorice at the ready. The previews end, and the main feature begins. It is a horror flick. 572 more words

Child Abuse

Kids' Language Lessons

Since arriving in the country, we’ve tried to help our kids learn the language. We’ve used Rosetta Stone, kids’ DVDs, but most regularly, we’ve had a friend come a couple times a week to teach our older 3 boys. 626 more words

Cross-cultural Living

Think of the Children: Josh Duggar & Pedophilia

I was home schooled for sixth and seventh grade. My mother went through cycles with the schools I attended. She would put me into a new school and then move me out at the end of the year because the administration was terrible. 1,570 more words


Outside pressures

Being in Hong Kong, the season of P1 (elementary school) interviews is coming upon us.  It’s extra stressful because Oscar has to attend an English speaking school, where all subject sans Chinese is taught in English.  280 more words

Mommy School

The Library, Housework and Eyebombing

So we did make it out to the library yesterday… but it was closed.  Gah!  So annoying.  Ah well, the girls had a little play on the ‘climbing frame’ and then we came home again. 356 more words