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So another novel came in yesterday that will be used in conjunction with the history program. The Story of My Life: Helen Keller.

Catie was so excited. 204 more words


What we have so far.

So today I would like to go over what we have so far in supplies and books and what we will be doing with each. I have been receiving materials that I have ordered or purchased for a few weeks now. 2,189 more words


Week 5: Simplified Home School System-Teach, Evaluate, Repeat

While in college I had to take a course completely dedicated to criticizing my own teaching style. I had peers that reviewed me, an instructor that reviewed me, and worst of all “self reflection”. 321 more words

Home School

Trying to tie it together

OK so this weekend I spent a good amount of time looking at what I have gathered and blogged the last few weeks/months and tried to tie together a daily expectation/schedule.   1,078 more words


Week 4: Simplified Home School System- Creativity Counts

Ok so we are working and stretching ourselves to get into the right home school setting. It is tough but we are getting there.  This week we are going to transfer into a challenging area for adults…creativity. 545 more words

Home School

An explanation of the miracle of our young neighbor, along with a discussion with my daughter about homeschool expectations and a few more revisions to our developing curriculum and schedule.

Please allow me to give you some background before I tell about the discussion Catie and I had last night. Catie is at this stage (8 years old) where she is starting to rail against us as parents and assert her new found independence. 2,657 more words