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Whistle Song

(C – Ab7 – C – Ab7 – C – Ab6 – Dbmaj7)

You whistle sweet words

But you whistle me home

And home is where the heart is… 99 more words


April 18, 2015

April 18, 2015

I know where Home is,
Home is wherever You are…
Home is in Your hugs.


Senryu © 2015 Martin Graham King

Earning my stripes

I’m not really a stripy person, although my recent purchases would say otherwise!

I decided I liked the idea of monochrome stripes in my new casual work wardrobe (which still doesn’t come naturally to me at all), to wear with turned up fitted jeans and heels. 85 more words

Clothes Maketh The (Wo)man

When time both flew and stopped.

I was given a most awesome pressie for my new house after we moved in. A monstrously huge alarm clock, among other little touches, thoughtfully picked out for me by a friend. 86 more words


What makes my house a home?

A house is defined as a building that serves as a living quarters for one or more persons.

A home is defined as a place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family. 124 more words


When deciding to move Down Under

We have all done it, and many of us will continue to do it.

We have tried to sell Australia.

We say, “Come, it is the best thing you can ever do. 1,085 more words

African In Australia

Absence and presence

Recently, driving home from my boys social basketball, I informed my eldest that I couldn’t make it to watch his U10s basketball game on the weekend as I was working and unable to leave this time to watch.   1,374 more words

The Parenting Marathon