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Gromit hunting!

A couple of summers ago, Bristol gave us an amazing gift: Gromits all over the city, and beyond. If you don’t know who Wallace and Gromit are, please google them now; you’re missing out. 533 more words

Daily Life

Quick easy cards for children to make for men- the shirt and tie

Fold and a4 piece of white card fold it into 3 .

Fold out 2 triangles to make a collar shape.  Cut out a tie shape. 17 more words

Home Education

Education education education

I’m not sure how much I have said on here about education, particularly in relation to X.

I am a firm believer that the best gift you can give your children and the best way of helping them through their years in formal (or informal) education is to provide a home environment in which it is very clear that learning is important and knowledge and all skills are to be cherished. 716 more words

A very relaxed family tonight

After a busy week I decided on a wind-down day. I think we all woke up tired and a day of doing not much at all was definitely called for. 467 more words

Home Education

The home education community constantly grows

Just had a great trip to meet a group of home educating parents in London. 

Although it might have been better if it wasn’t a heatwave in which to swap my usual breezy rurality for the big city. 146 more words

Happy talk

As we drive home from yet another visit to the in-laws, the sound of my eldest two children chatting and laughing fills my ears.

I smile, because it’s so lovely when they get on like this. 58 more words

Camping, plans and pleading with my liver for forgiveness


I got back from a few nights away camping last night and haven’t stopped since! Take me back to my little tent house now please :(. 570 more words