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Week 26 ~ Coal Mining

The weather has been rather mixed this week, but we have had a couple of lovely nature walks, including one with daddy. As per usual, Rose was off into the water splashing about. 364 more words


Chemistry from ACS

I know that the blog hasn’t had the big science focus that I had a couple of years ago. However, we do still do science regularly with a small group and I facilitate hands on learning and occasionally experiments. 954 more words


A letter to the Parent who "Un-Schools"

 This post may appear new to you. But I dug it out of my drafts file. Originally written two years ago, I have no idea why I never published it?! 576 more words

Teacher days for homeschooling mums: how I make time to become a better homeschooler

I am a teacher in two ways. I am a homeschooling mum and I am a qualified school teacher. I haven’t taught in school since I got married 4 years ago and I probably won’t for a while, but that is an issue for a different post! 780 more words


Mad hares and swallow moments

I’m excited now the equinox has passed! Now that from this time on, for six months, there will be more light than dark. Despite irritating disruptions like clock changes I shall be waking in the light and there’ll still be enough light after supper to meander outside. 543 more words

Loving the Loo Rolls

If anybody asks me what is an absolute essential to home educate, I always answer: loo rolls.  We seem to use up tons of them as the girls are regularly pulling out the junk modelling box to make something they can see in their mind’s eye.   579 more words


exciting news...

We have been given the opportunity to review Waldorf Essentials Early Years and Kindergarten Curriculum!

We are really excited to be able to do this as we have recently been thinking a lot about how home education will work here in Monster House and here is the perfect opportunity to try a ready made curriculum before we fully commit to how we would like to do things. 367 more words

Waldorf Essentials Early Years And Kindergarten Curriculum... A Review