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Life with a 4yr old

When your child is born its a massive build up in each stage…you can’t wait til they’re in a routine, weaning, talking, walking, potty trained… As much as I have tried to enjoy each phase of my kids life I also have being guilty of being overly excited for the next to come along. 927 more words

Trisomy 18

Birthday Celebrations!

Hey all, we’ve been away for two weeks with my parents in Nottingham.  We seemed to be on a permanent playdate and the girls didn’t want to come home!   576 more words


Bug Month

We received our butterfly netting from Groupon (£11.99) & caterpillars will be despatched this Friday (£2.99 p&p). Today we went to the library to borrow some books on each of the kids’ chosen creature. 142 more words


Responding to disidealist.wordpress.com this morning: Mediocre Failures

disidealist.wordpress.com this morning: Mediocre Failures on the impact of testing children in schools.  Actually she was particularly engaged by the notion of re-sitting SATS which seems to me to be fiddling while Rome burns.   500 more words


Kicking back

We’ve been pretty chilled this Easter half term. Rock climbing has finished until further notice, eldest is keen to get back into it, I think we’ll book maybe 5 lessons and change to another sport. 127 more words


My Attitude #2

Recently I was interested to note that a post called ‘My Attitude‘ is one of the most popular on my blog.  I couldn’t quite remember what it was about so I’ve re-read it and thought I would reflect on where I am now.   684 more words

Home Education

The Brotherhood

Before we went away you might remember I posted that we had thought we might try and get Jiggy into school for at least part of the week.   626 more words