Shopping in Primark

I was a bit sceptical about Primark (an Irish low cost clothing retailer) before. The quality of the products is not the best and it is always extremely busy in the shops. 48 more words

Home Decor

Polka Dots & Leopard Spots!

Mixing prints can be very fun, especially in Spring where you can play with an array of different colours. I particularly love mixing polka dots & leopard spots. 130 more words


Succulent Repotting Project

Last summer I added three adorable succulents to my kitchen window and they are still going strong. My little plant friends have been thriving and lately had grown a little too big for their small bowls. 150 more words

Morning Joy

A "Pulitzer" Prize | Magazine Ad Frame

When you write a blog, sometimes you share personal information. So, um, yes. I subscribe to Us Weekly. And I love every single gossipy page. Last week there was a prize waiting at the end of the magazine. 105 more words

Home Decor

Thrift Store Score | Vintage Medicine Bottles

If you think about the age of these bottles, the sheer amount of medicine they held and the types of illnesses people experienced way back in the day, these things are actually pretty eerie. 147 more words

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