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Impromptu Brownies

As the title of this post suggests this was not a planned piece of baking. I found myself sat on the sofa on Wednesday evening with little more than a couple hours of TV watching or general lounging in my near future. 908 more words


Devil's Chocolate Pie

I should have named this Easy Peasy pie because  it was that simple and can be made in a jiffy.

And it tastes “heavenly” like my cousin described¬† it yesterday. 307 more words

Home Cooking

Green Pork Chile Sauce

This afternoon, I made up a batch of green pork chile to take on our Colorado vacation next week. We are going to make chile rellenos one evening at the time share and the green chili sauce will be poured over them. 231 more words

Green Pork Chili Sauce

Pesto Chicken and Mixed Veggies

Pesto Chicken

Chicken breast, pesto, shredded mozzarella cheese

Found this one here!

Oh pesto, my darling. I was afraid to try you for so many years and now am a little obsessed, always choosing your deliciousness over assurance there is nothing green in my teeth and I have fresh breath. 115 more words


Burrito Bowls

Burrito Bowls

Ground beef, cheddar cheese, black beans, red bell pepper, rice, salsa, taco seasoning

Found this recipe here

After basically exhausting my own cooking repertoire, I decided to turn to the holy Bible of recipes: Pinterest. 140 more words


Schnitzel (for the German in me)

Mustard-Smothered Schnitzel

Flattened, breaded chicken breast filets (schnitzel), honey Dijon mustard, baby carrots

Schnitzel might just be the most magical food I’ve ever eaten. Who can resist lightly fried meat? 121 more words


Breakfast for Dinner #1

Eggs in a Basket/Bird Nests

Eggs, whole wheat bread, bacon

This is a meal I had dozens of times as a kid, although I’m pretty sure I never actually had it for breakfast. 123 more words