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A Space Saving Control System

For properties with modern décor, or areas where space is limited such as hotel rooms or conference suites, traditional equipment racking may not be appropriate or possible to install. 268 more words

Home Control

It Began With a Love For Technology

Today marks the start of CEDIA EXPO 2014 at the Colorado Convention Centre high in the mountains of Denver where, over the next four days, brand new futuristic integrated home technology will be shown to industry professionals and the world’s media. 161 more words

Home Control

Home alarm systems. Business security systems.

The module GTalarm, produced by Topkodas, JSC (www.topkodas.lt)

Temperature control with GSM phones GTalarm thermostat measure temperature through a probe (that is on system cable) and can drive any of outputs OUT1, OUT2, OUT3 (you can program which) to activate or deactivate the heating/cooling system so to keep the temperature required. 219 more words


A secure temperature monitoring and alarm system for product storage facilities.

GTalarm temperature and refrigeration monitoring system will monitor for:

– water leaks,

– temperature high or low alarm conditions and

– power outages.


1) When any of the alarm conditions are detected the monitor will text up to 16 phone numbers to alert you to any alarm condition. 68 more words


Managing your Home with a touch of a button

It’s amazing how far technology has come over the years, especially when it comes to home automation, which surprisingly has been around for years but is finally just now coming mainstream to the average homeowner. 451 more words

The Advantages of Structured Wiring

The Advantages of Structured Wiring

(“Structured wiring refers to a whole house wiring system meant to replace the wiring systems of old. Today, most consumers have strong networking needs relating to data transfer, computer systems, home security systems, remote controlled HVAC systems, and video entertainment capabilities. 13 more words

SmartThings Wants To Eviscerate The Home Insurance Industry

by Aaron Tilley, Forbes

Alex Hawkinson just wanted to give his house a voice. In February 2011 Hawkinson, an executive at technology startup ReachLocal , headed up with his family to their remote cabin in the Colorado Rockies only to find it soaked from the inside. 288 more words