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Still Single: is Netflix your BFF?

Are you tired of dinner for one? Are you a Netflix addict?

 Are you bored with hanging out with your pals dreaming about dates, dinner, candlelight and kisses? 371 more words

Single In Marin

Home Alone - Macaronis au fromage

“Bless this nutritious, microwaveable macaroni and cheese dinner and the people who sold it on sale.”

Ses fameux macaronis au fromage, Kevin McAllister n’a même pas pu les terminer : alors qu’il s’apprêtait à déguster son potentiel dernier repas -on donne quand même peu de chances à un enfant de 8 ans, armé d’un plan douteux, contre deux voleurs quasi-pro dont l’un arbore une dent en or- l’horloge a sonné les fameux coups de 21h.

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Give Me Sweet Relief...

  I have been spending a lot of time home what with finding myself recently unemployed but yesterday I had the good fortune of having to leave my humble abode to go on a really great job interview. 421 more words

sometimes I feel like my backyard is a forest

I sometimes feel like my backyard is a forest, with all the trees, acorns falling down and hearing the birds, well except without the wires and hearing chickens the chickens all day in my next door neighbor. 149 more words

My Backyard

Home alone (waiting for family to come home)

Yesterday evening, while I was waiting for my brother to come home from his practice, and my parents coming  home from dinner. I was sitting in front of my house taking random shots of things around my house. 169 more words

My Backyard

guidelines for leaving kids home alone

I found this article that I thought was well written about when is a good time to let kids stay home alone. This is a quandary every parent goes through, but truth is, every kid is different. 33 more words