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Vortrag: Ein Leben nach dem Kindertransport

Ein Leben nach dem Kindertransport – Die Nachwirkungen der Rettung auf amerikanische Holocaust-Überlebende

Die Geschichte der Kindertransporte gilt als eines der wenigen positiven Kapitel in der Holocaust-Forschung: Über 10.000 unbegleitete jüdische Kinder und Jugendliche konnten 1938/39 nach Großbritannien oder Frankreich gerettet werden, weil ihre Eltern bereit waren, sich von ihnen zu trennen.  78 more words


An Adolf Hitler Ice Cream Cone Is Now On Sale In India

Adolf Hitler-brand ice cream cones are on sale in India, and predictably, people are really upset about it.

Pictures of Hitler Ice Cream Cones, which prominently feature a picture of the Führer himself, have been making their way around the internet. 306 more words

Web Culture


Its the title of a long book I downloaded to my Kindle.

KL was the abbreviation the Nazis used for the word Konzentrationlager,  the original German word for what we know as concentration camps. 197 more words

Plans For June

From June 5 to 15 I will travel in Ukraine again. Together with my friend Sylvia de Swaan I will thereby explore an area that is unknown to most people. 312 more words


VIDEO -- Racial Discrimination Act Invoked If Holocaust Denied - No Brainer - End Times - Morris

via 108morris108
May 26, 2015

A publicity stunt for the ever-present indoctrination that the Jews are ethnically different.

“ADC chair Dr Dvir Abramovich told The AJN this week that Amazon Australia could be in breach of Section 18C of the federal Racial Discrimination Act, which prohibits material likely to “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate” on the basis race or ethnicity.” 7 more words


Memorial Day Marathons

I love how Saving Private Ryan is marathoning on AMC today. I think it’s my favorite war movie. But I also think World War II was such a fascinating war. 394 more words


Reading now 

I am currently sitting at a Memorial Day barbecue. Watching the kids play. But I’m also captivated by this book at the moment.

Truly, I am silenced. 35 more words