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We Must Call the Media Out as Controlled-by-Jews


It’s not enough to talk about the LIBERAL MEDIA. We all know that MSM is liberal-biased. What is truly dangerous is not so much that the media is dominated by liberals but that it is mostly owned and dominated by liberal and leftist JEWS. 1,805 more words

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Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

A double post about movies is probably not the smartest blogging move, but who really cares about being smart in life, right? #priorities

One of my favourite ways to kill time is to watch movie trailers online. 241 more words

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A piece of me - The dream of an African girl

New blogger Ashley Carine De Lange talks of her journey into the entertainment industry

A spirited, young, Afrikaans girl with dreams as big and ridiculous as Kim Kardashian’s …backside…sets her hopes on becoming a world re-known actress. 633 more words


Batmobile in the TDOT!

Last night was interesting to say the least. Suicide Squad is currently being filmed in Toronto and since I practically work walking distance from the majority of the locations the cast and crew have been spotted at, I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to attempt to get in on some of the action. 162 more words

"Mother of the Earth" returned to Alaskan Tyonek Tribe

The Mother of the Earth returns to Tyonek Native Village

by Levi Rickert / Currents / 27 May 2015

TYONEK, ALASKA — This is a great day for Al Goozmer…. 17 more words


The Day of the Rope is coming soon, brothers.

“The Day of the Rope is coming soon, brothers.
when that glorious day arrives, we will show no
mercy to the suhhuman hordes and the kikes who… 20 more words