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Internet Judgement

Yeah. One month of doing nothing and I’m doing nothing. Installed adware trying to install a good DJ software, because apparently some temporarily malfunctioning group of neurons told me that ‘Traktor is too tricky, why don’t you try something simple’ and spent an anxious half hour destroying all traces of this Oh-Mother-Of-God-There-Is-No-Adjective-To-Describe-This-That-Is-Not-Vulgar adware that changed my proxy settings and automatically directed Chrome to its homepage. 1,204 more words

Half days.

We’re almost at the finishing line, with summer holidays about to start. The post-exam period is a giant stretch of nothing– student activities here and there, and lots and lots of meetings. 164 more words

Hong Kong

The Accidental Brazilian

I feel like it could only happen to me. To get my first Brazilian wax totally accidently in Bali. When I did not, nor haven’t ever really, wanted a Brazilian. 788 more words


Hospital Howlidays

 Even though it was a few days before July 4th, I didn’t get a chance to share our adventures last weekend when we had shifts. Sam brought the same red, white and blue spirit to hospice and hospital as he does every time we go. 235 more words


Time to Wake Up

I’m not complaining by any means. This holiday season has been a breath of fresh air into an otherwise stifled existence for the past few years. 572 more words


Hope for the Holidays

Holidays have always been hard since he’s been in, and sometimes it hits me harder than others for whatever unknown reason. Maybe it’s hormones running rampant at the time, or just my heart telling me I haven’t moped in a while, but I never know when a particular event is going to trigger a case of the pity party blues. 584 more words

Prisoners Wife