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Skin Care: Neem Oil

Neem oil has tons of benefits and has uses that expand beyond skin care. Cold pressed neem oil is NOT very pleasant in scent or appearance but it benefits out weigh these distractions. 341 more words

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Holistic Food Swap: Dried Tart Cherries

Montmorency tart cherries were featured in January’s holBOX edition. Cherries serve as a good source of copper, an essential mineral. Your body relies on copper to aid collagen production, a process needed to keep your tissues strong. 541 more words

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Holistic Food Swap: Kaniwa

For our January edition we selected a few food items that you swap out for some of your current food choice. Kaniwa was featured in this months edition. 280 more words

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True or False: Fiber Is Good For Your Skin

True. We might be familiar with the saying “beauty comes from within” and in regards to avoiding dry skin this saying packs meaning. Adding fiber to your diet offers benefit not just for your digestive system but also your skin. 242 more words

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Benefits Of Skinny Coconut Oil

Most naturalist are familiar with the amazing benefits of coconut when applied to the hair and skin. In addition this to coconut oil has as much if not more benefits when consumed. 474 more words

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More Than Just A Condiment : 5 Health Benefits of Mustard

For November holBOX will be featuring some of our favorite products and also talking about a variety of products/ education that support holistic living.

Last year we curated a edition that focused on the digestive system during which we discovered the benefits of mustard. 326 more words

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Milk Thistle For The Liver

Milk Thistle is an herb often consumed as a natural supplement to detoxify and protect vital liver functions.

Milk thistle has been used for over 2,000 years as a natural treatment for liver disorders. 546 more words

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