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Commission: Squall Leonhart - SeeD Uniform (Final Fantasy VIII)

Finally I finished making this little guy!

He is a commission for “JulianaJealousy” on DA, who just like the other past commissioners had been very patient with me. 42 more words


Commission: Jane and Antony (Dangerous Game)

This is a commission for “Bleuberry109″ on DA, they are her original characters Jane and Antony from her story “Dangerous Game.”

This is the first time I had the opportunity to make a female character with a nice long dress and to be honest after making this doll I want to make more Princesses and Princes.   98 more words



My full name is In Gun, Hwang. If you want, you can call me Steve or I’m also known as ‘twintravels’ on Youtube.  I was born in Incheon, South Korea on December 28, 1995. 268 more words


Hello again!

I have been quite (extremely) ‘unproductive’, if you like, since my previous post. I have been distracted from writing, reading and painting pictures and have spent more time traveling around, re-decorating my room and… Playing Sims 4. 214 more words

Any cellists out there?

I am starting my second lesson tonight. I have 27 years on a fretboard (bass, guitar) but I am finding the only thing that translates is muscle memory. 11 more words


Notes: Nulis Bebas, Free Writing

I’m gonna begin this fun game. Nulis bebas, which means free writing. Inspired by Mas Aditya Wardhana, an old friend of mine. I saw a couple of his posts in my inbox and I’m gonna begin this fun game. 93 more words


In Which I Respond to an Amusing Critique of My Blog

Yesterday I chanced upon a random, short, and sarcastic review of the look and content of my blog on Reddit. I don’t even know the purpose of Reddit, by the way. 1,499 more words

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