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Immortal from Broken Spirit Wargames

Calling all Saga and Dux Britianniarun players!

Don’t you just love it when a ruleset comes along which allows you to use your existing armies, but puts a different twist on things? 156 more words

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Battlegames Combat Stress appeal hits £20K target!

Huge congratulations and kudos to Henry Hyde – today the Battlegames Combat Stress appeal has hit its target of £20,000.

Read the full story here

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Deadzone: Infestation launches on Kickstarter...funds in 13 minutes

Mantic Games have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Deadzone: Infestation.

Described as “Deadzone 1.5″, this Kickstarter will launch a new, smaller starter box for this skirmish game, which will include a new faction – the Veer-Myn. 130 more words

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Open Combat Kickstarter - approaching final day

The Open Combat Kickstarter – featured in episode 141 of the podcast – is about to enter into it’s final day.

Currently the campaign has gone really well, with a high-quality hard-backed rulebook being funded. 54 more words

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New Chain of Command Pint-Sized campaign book out

Too Fat Lardies have just released their third ‘Pint-Sized’ campaign book for their Chain of Command World War II Platoon Level rules, following on from their previous titles: “ 224 more words

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Proposed new wargamming club in Abergavenny - open day this Sunday (March 1st)

Podcast host Mike Hobbs is involved in a new venture.

As part of the new Abergavenny Community Centre’s open day this coming Sunday, March 1st, he and regular gaming opponent Mark are looking to drum up some interest interest in a new wargames club. 19 more words

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