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"There And Back Again"

An Unexpected Party

(Photo Courtesy of Jeff Hitchcock on Flickr)

By Dr. Kerry Chadwick

Edited by Abigail Chadwick

Editor’s note: This article covers The Hobbit and some of the ways that the book is similar to and different from the movies. 1,194 more words


Writing for Culturecritic

In my internship at Cultureshock Media in London, I wrote content for their website Culturecritic. With an interface similar to that of Rotten Tomatoes, Culturecritic reviews films, books, art exhibitions, and theatre productions. 144 more words


For the lovers of The Hobbit!! Dwarf Runes

Dwarf Runes (one technical term is “the Angerthas“) were a runic script used by the Dwarves, and was their main writing system. This Dwarven writing system utilizes runes and glyphs when written.

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Movies - 2012-2014 - The Hobbit Trilogy

New books 

Today I went out shopping with my mom & she didn’t want to go to Barnes and Nobles since she had errands to run. We ended up going to Target and I wandered off to the books section since I finished Fahrenheit 451 today, which was pretty good. 112 more words

10 Essential Tips to Use when Imitating Gollum – and 10 Reasons Why

First of all, there is a knack to pulling off a convincing Gollum. In no particular order, here are ten tips to get it done right.

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Movies - 2012-2014 - The Hobbit Trilogy