Julie's Story

In August 2011 I was diagnosed with HIV. I was dating an HIV positive man for some time and found out about his status by his medical record. 2,010 more words


The Heaven Shop by Deborah Ellis

Recently, I finished reading The Heaven Shop by Deborah Ellis. This book is incredible. It has a very powerful message about AIDS and shows a real life situation of a little girl, Binti, in Malawi whose father dies of AIDS. 206 more words


HIV Triggers a Public Health Emergency in Indiana

Gov. Mike Pence declared a public health emergency Thursday in south Indiana’s Scott County, which has seen a large HIV flare-up from intravenous drug use. 187 more words

Sex - Orally Speaking


 I remember Tony, a lifelong friend who I loved so much and miss dearly. Tony died from HIV/AIDS in 1995.  The early information on this horrible disease slowly came out in small newspaper articles, but was largely ignored until the number of infected and deaths were too many to ignore.   679 more words


Infectious (non-neglected) diseases by Dr. Jeff Pernica

I’m thrilled to introduce Dr. Pernica for today’s post! Like myself, Dr. Pernica is Dal Alumni! He completed his medical school and residency at Dalhousie University with a specialty in Pediatric Infectious Disease. 947 more words

Studies Finds That Half Of Atlanta’s HIV Patients Already Developed AIDS

A shocking report reveals half of Atlanta’s HIV patients were discovered to already have AIDS fully developed in their bodies due to a lack of medicine but mainly for waiting too long to get tested. 256 more words

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One Third Of Atlanta’s Residents Have Been Diagnosed With Full-Blown AIDS

A shocking report reveals three tenths of Atlanta residents have been diagnosed with full-blown AIDS.

In 2013, Grady Hospital began testing all emergency room patient for HIV. 277 more words