Motivated to contract HIV/AIDS

Article title: The Men Who Want AIDS—and How It Improved Their Lives

The alarming number of homeless youth and lack of assistance is contributing to a different type of motivation. 444 more words

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Small Things with Great Love

February was an eventful month, so I wanted to share a few things that I have been experiencing and reflecting on as the weeks went by. 1,180 more words

Lost in the Archives, Found on Castro Street

This post comes to you from a hotel room in San Francisco, where I’ve spent the past ten days doing archival work. I’ve been here for ten days now, and—thank goodness—will be returning home tomorrow. 1,151 more words

Graduate School

Dr Stephen Watiti: A story of HIV/AIDS and hope.

Being the team that seeks to entertain, educate and inspire you, we came across a story worth telling. This is a story of Dr Stephen Watiti and we call it the story of hope because of the many reasons you are about to read here. 709 more words

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Gender-Based Power and Couples' HIV Risk in North India

Gender inequality is a long-recognized driver of the HIV epidemic. However, few studies have investigated the association between gender-based power and HIV risk in India, which has the world’s third largest HIV epidemic. 232 more words


HIV Rev - Really Exasperating Virus protein

When viruses infect cells, they often use specialized proteins that hijack the host cell’s proteins to carry out essential tasks. For example, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) needs to transport copies of its RNA out of the nucleus of the host cell and into the cell’s cytoplasm in order to create important viral proteins. 121 more words


HIV Symptoms of All Stages in Women

According to report and researches of the Illinois Department of Public Health, two out of every three new cases of HIV infections appear in women due to unprotected sexual intercourse in the United States. 231 more words