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HIV Testing Without Consent

I’ve always been against the government protecting people from themselves. However, I definitely think that part of the government’s job is to protect its citizens from others who are attempting to harm them. 258 more words

Evil Feminist From Space

Rapid HIV test

Rapid HIV test is now available in all 3 branches of Phoenix Medical Group.  Result is available in just 15 to 20 minutes.

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What I’ve Learned; From GLAD - By: Shelly

Shortly last Thursday after my morning sociology class, I head down to the T station nearby to catch the green line into Boston. (Let me say I’m so glad that the T is operating because just a couple weeks ago it was not working.) I’m terrible at directions and I usually rely on my husband or friend when it comes to traveling anywhere I’m not familiar with. 576 more words


AMPRENAVIR For the treatment of HIV-1 infection in combination with other antiretroviral agents.


KVX-478, 141W94, VX-478,



(3S)-Tetrahydro-3-furanyl ((1S,2R)-3-(((4-aminophenyl)sulfonyl)(2-methylpropyl)amino)-2-hydroxy-1-(phenylmethyl)propyl)carbamate

(3S)-tetrahydro-3-furyl N-[(1S,2R)-3-(4-amino-N-isobutylbenzenesulphonamido)-1-benzyl-2-hydroxypropyl] carbamate

CAS NO. 161814-49-9, [(3S)-oxolan-3-yl] N-[(2S,3R)-4-[(4-aminophenyl)sulfonyl-(2-methylpropyl)amino]-3-hydroxy-1-phenylbutan-2-yl]carbamate 2,456 more words



This first fear sits furthest in my mind, a cautionary tale

set in the reference section of my conscience

collecting dust in all chapters but three… 212 more words


aids was passed to humans from the gorillas as well as chimpanzees

  • Scientists identified pre-cursor of HIV virus in gorillas in Cameroon
  • Virus similar to two HIV strains known as ‘O’ and ‘P’ found in the gorillas…
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Half of human AIDS came from gorillas in Cameroon claim scientists

Telegraph: Two of four strains of the virus that can cause AIDS come from gorillas in southwestern Cameroon, an international team of scientists reported in studies published Monday in the United States. 42 more words