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Small Portraits


This is from my recent trip to Vancouver Island’s west coast with Melinda Green Harvey, visiting from Texas.

My partner and I had a lot of fun showing her around, and doing our own thing while on the tour. 83 more words


The Shakespeare Garden

On the final day the the repertory season, Hedydd returned to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival to see “King Lear”.  Knowing tragedy and sorrow would be her fare for the afternoon inside the theatre, she took time in the Shakespeare Garden to bask in the sunshine and frolic in the roses. 10 more words


Haida Canoes

Tansy was enamoured of the Haida canoes stored under shelter at the Haida Heritage Centre! 105 more words

Lily of the Valley

Constance was invited for tea at the home of a relative who has Lily of the Valley flowers growing in rafts around the house… 31 more words

Berry Treat

Unfortunately, the berries around here are mostly at the flowering stage… 21 more words