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Hitchhiking across the Outback

You might have heard a lot of horror stories about hitchhiking across the Outback- about how it is incredibly dangerous and you have to be crazy to try it. 193 more words


Making his way, one step at a time, one lift after another

Almost every day for the last 11 years, Gordon Montgomery has left his house in St-Lazare shortly after 9 a.m. and headed toward Hudson by foot. 707 more words


I'm a Happy Hobo!

Last week, Luke from http://www.thehappyhobos.com/ ; did an interesting interview with me about life on the road, here it for anyone that hasn’t seen it. 3,174 more words


Hitch hiking  gone wrong 

We’re trying to get to Phoenix from El Paso to visit a friend from the first bike ride we did. Instead of cycling the 400+ miles we decided to hitch so that we’d have more time to spend there. 1,240 more words

Hitchhiking, One Year On

Today is special because it marks a year since I first hitchhiked! Ever since I started by hitching a ride on a fresh-out-of-the factory car, I’ve hitchhiked a lot, sitting in rides with chain-smoking Croatians, speeding Schumacher-loving Montenegrins, suit-wearing Slovenians, holidaying Koreans and Belgians. 636 more words


Sketches from travelling

hitchhiking, overnight trains or hiking across the Middle East, I can’t stop sketching our adventures. Here are some of the drawings I have made while travelling. 25 more words

Random Drawings

How can I keep traveling for more than 3 years?

That is a very practical question that every single friend I come across on the road asks me. Some of them thought that I must be rich. 1,273 more words

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