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A hitchhiker's guide to saving money

Recreational travel can be a lot of things; exciting, enlightening, relaxing, thrilling. It could last for a week, a month, a year, or in the cases of many people that I’ve met, it could be a permanent fixture. 1,068 more words


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We picked up a hitchhiker on our last road trip and it got me thinking.

My first experience as a hitchhiker was when I was 18 and living in Chile. 981 more words


El Calafate

24.-25. March

On Tuesday morning after breakfast we take our backpacks and walk to the exit road from El Calafate. We’re not the first ones. We are actually the third one in the queue. 459 more words


Live life not a little but alot !!!

Im going to live my life as if i had cancer or a fatal disease of some sort ! Why would it make more sense to do crazy stuff if you had cancer ? 609 more words


Here we go

Do you recognise this thing?

You see or hear something and it won’t leave you alone?
It’s been month’s since I saw this youtube video… 1,618 more words


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20. – 22. March

Hitchhiking – Day 1 – 803 km and 6 drivers

Friday. In the outskirts of Bariloche we say goodbye to Wim and start thumbing our way south. 1,641 more words


出巴拉圭記 (上) | Don't give up even you try hard enough

離開巴拉圭時, 我選擇了一條較少人走的路, 然後發現那是條很難走的路。

巴拉圭跟玻利維亞邊境並沒有出入境管制站, 最近的是在離邊境二百公里處的Mariscal Estigarribia。我在那裡開始截車, 但入境處職員說, 除了貨車和每日一班的巴士外, 這裡很少車經過。怎麼少法? 我在管制站等了一天一夜, 除了貨車和每日一班的巴士外, 到玻利亞的車輛是。零。等待的過程可以是苦悶的, 但在這裡情況又有點不同。

首先, 這是個有養雞的出入境管制站, 然後又有小孩來這裡玩, 然後小孩又發現有條蛇, 再然後這裡入夜之後就有很多蚊。總之, 這是個生意盎然的管制站。另外, 我記起香港的出入境部門叫人民入境事務處, 是管人民的, 這裡也是。所以正當酷熱難當時, 職員會突然開門, 遞一壺冰水給你, 怕你熱死; 過一會又拿一碟食物給你, 怕你餓親; 等得久了累了, 又容你在管制站內洗澡紥營和睡覺。好像除了給你蓋印外, 你的福祉也是他們的管轄範圍之一。 158 more words