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Truck Decisions

Finding the right truck.  Just like the presidential race everyone has an opinion and there are too many players in the field.  I will not claim to know anything about this topic, but I will tell you what led us to purchase an F250 with a gas engine. 356 more words


Hitch: Paradine Case

Film: Paradine Case

Date Released: December 28, 1947

What Else Happened in History on That Date: Ship carrying Jewish immigrants is driven away from Palestine. 290 more words


Daily Dose: Hitch and the DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN Moment

The One Line Summary: In news that may be a surprise to many, it turns out that men–and not all men, but some–may have a little trouble, a little worry, a little doubt if you will, when it comes to asking out or dating women, so to help things along in that department there are the Men in Black, er, I mean Will Smith who takes these special-needs men with mush for confidence and teaches them the ropes, though when… 443 more words



It took before hitch-hiking.
Beautiful sunset makes me sad.



HITCH: Will Smith, Sexism, and the Normalization of Harmful Gender Roles

HITCH was a smash-hit romantic comedy for Will Smith, Eva Mendes, and Kevin James back in 2005. But what if we told you that this seemingly inoffensive, charming movie about a “Date Doctor” finding love is actually super weird and harmful? 184 more words


HITCH (2005) The Two Best Scenes

Will Smith and Kevin James were well cast in their roles for 2005’s romantic comedy, Hitch. Smith, a Date Doctor/ Consultant and James, the dating challenged singleton in desperate need of professional help. 186 more words