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Hitch (2005)

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Directed by Andy Tennant

Welcome back! So, from here on out, I’m going make by plot summaries as succinct as possible. That way, I can also let those who haven’t seen the film enjoy at least… 1,547 more words


Be careful! A terrorist on the way home.

Before I wrote first hitchhiking sign, I went to Sunday’s market in Hull to sell some junk which I didn’t want to carry home or just throw away.   910 more words


5 Things I Learnt Whilst Hitchhiking Across Europe

Over Easter I pondered over some great philosopical questions including, “How many Easter eggs can one scoff in in one sitting without being judged?” and “What truly is the perfect hot cross bun to butter ratio?” I also did something else of note which surpassed any delight that Cadbury’s or Nestle could provide, without leaving me quite as queasy. 
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Hitch: Rope

Film: Rope
Date Released: August 28, 1948
What Else Happened in History on That Date: Heat wave in Cleveland results in the highest temperature ever recorded in the city in August at 102 degrees. 314 more words


"What's The Hitch?": Untold Stories

Truth be told, I’m the worst. I think I love rejecting men more than I love dating them; and I’m sure that alone says volumes about me, but I know those stories already. 1,493 more words

Untold Stories