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Khajuraho- “A home without a wife and a temple without female beauty are meaningless.”

Khajuraho was the last destination for the never-ending rail tracks on that straight parallel direction. But this place was also the beginning of a bygone era consumed in art in its most natural form. 934 more words


World War II from #AtoZChallenge - X is for XX System


The XX System or Double-Cross System was a World War II anti-espionage and deception operation of the British Security Service, a civilian organization usually referred to by its cover title MI5. 751 more words


Top Tips for success on the History Source Paper

1) Evaluate the source throughly to describe/explain things
2) Never overthink a source, it can lead to false assumptions
3) Make note of places/names in the source and also captions to help understand what the source is trying to show… 59 more words


Who Do I Have To Blow To Win The Bancroft Prize In American History?

Actually From The Onion

ISSUE 38•02 • Jan 23, 2002

By Lawrence Sharpless

For the past seven years, I have devoted myself wholly to the task of studying the life of William Howard Taft, becoming, in the process, the world’s foremost authority on our 27th president. 633 more words


Bonaparte and the British

In a way, this exhibition, which I enjoyed yesterday evening, was a raucous celebration of the spirit of the page.

A fascinating romp through the Napoleonic era as seen by satirists.

Lost and Found - April 28th Edition

What to remember about April 28th…

  • 1758  Founding Father,  U.S. Senator, Governor of Virginia, and future 5th President James Monroe is born in Virginia (d. 1831)
  • 174 more words

Doan Thanh Liem - Some Brief Notes on The Vietnam War (1945 – 1975). A Vietnamese Perspective

We are now in 2015, it’s a remarkable time to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Independence of Vietnam (1945 – 2015) and also the 40th anniversary of “ the cessation of hostilities” (1975 – 2015). 764 more words