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My thoughts today.

Today, May 25, 2015, the Surinamese people cast its vote. Me too.

I have experienced the the pre-election, and the election itself very consciously. Like  never  before. 142 more words


A Day to Remember on Westport Island

Thank you to all who serve

Westport Island, though small, has a large history of serving its country — dating back to the Revolutionary War. … 423 more words



Directed by Richard Attenborough

We watch it every year on Memorial Day, the best movie ever made about ‘the war to end war.’ It was just as good this year — in the same funny, awful way — as it was every other year. 673 more words


Pakistan; The land of the hippies

In the busy, metropolitan lifestyle we live in today, most of us have never thought about travelling to a distant, unfamiliar land, in search of spiritual awakening and inner peace. 574 more words


Truth Zone: Thomas Jefferson, Islam History, and Islamic Terrorism

Truth Zone:

What’s not to understand about Islam History and Islamic Terrorism?

Tim Wildmon, AFA President

From the Halls of Montezuma
To the shores of Tripoli,
613 more words


Ducking the Issue

*slowly taps the end of the proverbial writer’s pencil on lips*

*sighs as the quandary continues to nag and flitter about at the edges of my literary soul* 209 more words


A Modern Love Letter

A week ago, I had a composition for my english continuous examination. The topic of my composition was determined by the five choices given. I chose,  774 more words