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German art exhibition catalogues

Nowadays art exhibition catalogues are frequently very substantial items, rich in illustrative matter and with extensive introductory essays as well as detailed description and discussion of individual paintings. 641 more words

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Cambridge catalogues and librarians get a critical reception

The adventures of Baron Münchhausen, the German nobleman who had the habit of grossly exaggerating his experiences, have been reprinted many times and translated into a wide range of languages. 611 more words

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Love is all around

Saint Valentine’s Day, or the feast of Valentine, has its origins in the celebration of the life of Saint Valentine (Valentinius), a third century Roman saint. 726 more words

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The Skizzenbuch

The Skizzenbuch, a delightful early work by Franz Kugler (1808-1858), has recently been added to the University Library’s collections (8002.c.43). Franz Kugler is mainly known for his contributions to art history. 354 more words

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The Augsburg Confession in the Acton library

In 1530 one of the most important documents for the Lutheran Reformation was presented at the Diet of Augsburg: the Augsburg Confession. In an attempt to calm the tension surrounding the rise of Protestantism, Charles V had called upon the princes and rulers in the Holy Roman Empire to declare their religious convictions in order to settle the conflict. 861 more words

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Before Copper was King, when Trolls rejected the U.P. in Michigan's statehood pact

Amazing. Michigan’s politicians haven’t changed much since this 1885 observation by Peter White! They still think the U.P. is a liability – and routinely give away mineral-rich land to foreign powers. 291 more words


Christmas comes but once a year

It is the time of year when Christians around the world celebrate Christmas. The celebrations include a range of activities from attending church, to decorating trees, exchanging presents and eating traditional foods. 552 more words

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