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The FIVE white blood cells you must know.

White blood cells can be classified as either phagocytes or immunocytes. Of the phagocytes they can be further classified as granulocytes (Basophils, Eosinophils and Neutrophils) as well as monocytes. 265 more words


What happens in a histology laboratory?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I work in a histology laboratory. The purpose of this is to diagnose various pathologies by looking at thin piece of human tissue under a microscope. 1,378 more words


Healthcare Science - The Invisible Profession

Given that between 70 – 80% of all hospital diagnoses require diagnostic testing by a hospital Biomedical Scientists (NHS Carter Review, 2006), it always amazes me at how little publicity the profession gets. 407 more words


Celebrating Histotechnology Professionals Day

Incyte Diagnostics’ Histology Lab is celebrating Histotechnology Professionals Day today.  Our Histology Lab is made up of a team of dedicated histotechnologists, histotechnicians and histology lab assistants.  200 more words


Second semester: Modules

Like I wrote in an earlier post, the second semester is already under way. In contrast to the last semester I´m currently doing 2 modules at the same time which are both at level 6 and count for 25 credit points. 432 more words

B.Sc. Biomedical Science (e-learning)

Santiago Ramon y Cajal, more than a histologist

160 years ago was born in Navarre, the renowned physician and histologist. Was a member of the “Generation of 80” or “Generation of Elders. 162 more words