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Bear Witness

If you go down to Sotheby’s today you’re sure of a big surprise… For not quite ‘every bear that ever there was’ but close to that have descended on the London auction house. 175 more words

Project 1: Art and Ideas : Ex 5: Finding Out More

Damien Hirst Khan video

In the Khan Academy video Beth Harris, Sal Khan and Steven Zucker discuss Damien Hirst’s shark piece: The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living… 443 more words


26th Dec. 14

Hirst and Emin.

I find Emin’s work violent, self-absorbed and overly intrusive. It doesn’t fall into what I categorise as art, however it is an excellent example of what I do not enjoy in contemporary art… 142 more words


Project 1: Exercise Five

Still life paintings with fish:

Pieter Van Noort- Still life with Fish (1648-1672)

I chose this image as I love the suspended fish hanging from it’s throat. 419 more words