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The Proper Degree of Chill

Life is too short to overthink it, but still, give it a little thought.


Before the age of portable music, life was horrible. People had to look at and sometimes even talk to each other. 1,937 more words


Kimi Kärki wants an MTV award !

In a move that totally does not reek of jealousy at his ex-bandmate’s video success earlier this year, Lil’ Kim has turned to video directing, for Uhrijuhla’s “Uhrilehto”, now available on renowned retirement label for ex-members of Reverend Bizarre, Svart Records. 77 more words


Why Hipster Dudes Are Just Weird...And That's Not Ironic

The other day I went to a local coffee shop, and found myself smack dab in the middle of a Hipster Cult meeting or something, there seemed to be a lot of Irony in the building. 707 more words


Getting to know Fitzroy

Day 1 we met at the edge of Fitzroy and forms Treasure Hunt teams to look for signs of gentrification and social deprivation side-by-side. Teams found both hipster shops and cohealth centres, social housing flats and elegant victorian terraces, op shops and designer boutiques. 179 more words


Anti-nostalgia Series: Pt. 1 -- Music

I’m sick of hearing about how great the past was. I’m decidedly in the camp of those who look forward to the future, not because I’m optimistic for the human race (I’m not) but because I look forward to innovations in the realms of technology and art. 504 more words

Cultural And Social Analysis

Hipsters vs Zombies!

Well, I’ve been away for a while, but I sure wasn’t idle. At all. In fact, we’re working on a second game here at Arpic Games… 286 more words

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Science Has Discovered Why Hipsters Grow Beards

While other scientists work on that annoying cancer problem, some scientists are answering the hard questions. Like, for example, why do those silly hipsters grow those beards? 196 more words