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The One With The Poo

If you’ve ever had one of those moments where you don’t feel like the sharpest tool in the shed this blog will get you through that. 955 more words


Massive Tähtiportti video update!

Problems at work? Arguments at home? Did your goldfish just die? Worry not, as  Albert Witchfinder is on hand to cheer you up… Because who doesn’t want to see the guy who wrote “Doom over the world” rap the Malleus Maleficarum over a Casio? 76 more words

Pretentious Ponce


Here’s a beautifully filmed video of my hometown Portland Oregon. Portland is known for its interesting people, for small bars, breweries and good food. It’s overflowing with poets, writers, artists, and musicians! 66 more words



“I’m so sick of Miley and One Direction. Music has gone to shit”

Where in god’s name did this attitude come from? This superiority complex that usually accompanies a record player with the ‘ 334 more words


Writing: "FRENETIC" part 2

The bathwater is thrown out with the child. Today is the mixture age, the piece of mind that is never advancing, never going.

I hate this fucking situation. 280 more words


Excavating Cool: An Analysis of Hipsterism and Why it Matters

© Augustino / Shutterstock.com

by Nicole Batrouny

WRIT 1733: Fandom and Fan Writing
Professor Juli Parrish

Popular culture is everywhere; it consumes us as much as we consume it. 2,917 more words

Volume 4

Types of Guys At Your Local Dive

For your convenience I have cataloged and organized all men found in bars. Yes, yes, you are very welcome. This list is the product of extensive observation, and maybe some hands on research. 589 more words