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Hot Topics: First Post

Hey there! My name is T.J. Kanaley, and this is Hot Topics. Before we get started, let me clarify that this column is not some reincarnation of the once-popular store. 563 more words

Sunset Media Wave

Heavy horse

Georg Lukács, “Realism in the Balance” , in Theodor Adorno et al., Aesthetics and Politics, 41:

One inescapable consequence of an attitude alien or hostile to reality makes itself increasingly evident in the art of the ‘avant-garde’: a growing paucity of content, extended to a point where absence of content or hostility towards it is upheld on principle.

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Hipsters should be celebrated, not ostracized

I’ve been posting on The Creative Calendar this week. Check out the piece I wrote over there: ‘Hipsters should be celebrated, not ostracized‘. 9 more words


The Hipster's Credo

Hipster n. \ˈhip-stər\   A follower. One of a group of many who has no sense of individuality. Goes to the same locations, areas and restaurants (male and female). 55 more words

Jude's letter to Kayne

(Jude writes a mini-column and submits it to his editor at the Hip Page)

Dear Kayne,

You have really done it now Kayne. When you… 236 more words


Browsing Catharsis 03.01.15

The urban legend of the “time traveling hipster” at snopes. Partly true?



Pharma Virumque,” by Scott Alexander.


The following is funny but NSFW