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Children of Men Movie

One of the darkest, gripping and horrifying things I have seen adapted to film is this film. What makes it so dark and bleak is how real it looks and feels. 166 more words


How to get that hipster mentality everyone is talking about


As I believe I have said before, being a hipster is as much about the outward appearance as it is the mentality.  Being a true hipster is generally associated with a general aloofness and an attitude that shows an air of superiority through knowledge of things before they were popular, and how underground something is.   249 more words

The Hipster's Credo

Hipster n. \ˈhip-stər\   A follower. One of a group of many who has no sense of individuality. Goes to the same locations, areas and restaurants (male and female). 55 more words

Jude's letter to Kayne

(Jude writes a mini-column and submits it to his editor at the Hip Page)

Dear Kayne,

You have really done it now Kayne. When you… 236 more words


Bambu, Sydney

Last week while heading back to Canberra, I decided to drop by Cabramatta to do a little bit of shopping and pick up some Asian goodies. 1,144 more words