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Mind Games; Part Two

Did I do to you

As he did to me

Pushing you to

Drive me away

Mind games

Fucked up way

To feel inside

He made flames… 25 more words


On the Hips

There is so much more to the yoga practice then the postures. I am still amazed every time that I re-discover this. I have been working with the architecture of my hip joints and their surrounding muscles in my own practice at home lately. 345 more words

Resources For Yoga Students

The Strange Case of Morton’s Toe.

This blog is not about one of the toes of one of those people who have had a leg assessment at SBR Sport. Morton’s toe is a field of study that deals with a longer second toe. 595 more words


Out of water

Pulsing music,
Deafening noise,
Crowded space.
Writhing bodies,
Wide eyed,
So out of your league.
Body joins the sweaty ones on the floor,
Head swaying, 80 more words


Time to fill the gap - a summer rambler perhaps?

It is definitive – after a year’s grace my beautiful old climbing rose is definitely dead. Last weekend I spent a few hours cutting down and removing the old skeleton of tangled lifeless branches. 322 more words