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Just a small Sunday night anecdote with a wider point. I, or maybe a colleague, recently received an update statement from a developer. Now, this developer is long of tooth and is well versed in the ways of Oracle data manipulation. 352 more words


First Try #1 - Spinach Ricotta Pie with a hint of Oregano

Hey everyone,

I found a recipe for Spinach Ricotta Pie, so I added a few stuff to make a cheesy, delicious spinach pie. This is my first try at this dish, so hopefully it comes out as delicious as I somehow already know it is. 221 more words



hahahahaha sahiton udah nulis postingan serius panjang-panjang pake mobile wordpress eh gak ke-save dong.

Cuh *ludahin hape*

Jadi mau cerita kenapa taun ini gak ada napsu-napsunya menjelang ulang tahun yah. 606 more words


#Hint: Get inspired by this #livingroom built-in #sofa with #storage cubbies. Nifty! #GetYourHints #InteriorDesign #Interiors #DesignCrush #Roomhints #AskUsAboutInteriorDesign #AccentPillows