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Tinggal 2 hari lagi untuk ikutan #giveaway sesi pertama, dipilih pemenang tgl 05-03, pengumuman tgl 15-03

Sesi kedua mulai tgl 06-03, jawaban ada di blog (chainhatenlove) dgn judul seperti yang tersebut di foto diatas… 29 more words



Don’t ever claim that your dom is too slow or getting old when coming to the end of sex as this is apparently unacceptable behaviour, even if said in a joking manner, that leads to a seriously painful lesson to prove he is neither old nor slow haha

Weekly Photo Challenge - Reward

This week`s challenge theme is Reward!!

I consider travels in general as the best personal reward one can give to his mind, eyes & soul – of course that is a huge theme for discussion but maybe in another post. 109 more words


CodeFluent Entities vs Entity Framework : Cascade Delete

Ensuring referential integrity is something very important in RDBMS. When you delete a customer you may want to delete all related information, this what is called… 259 more words


3 essential items for a toddler in a confined space! Wash, rinse, repeat! 

My sweet new studio apartment is tiny. Lovely …but tiny! And my toddler is a hurricane! I need to keep him proactively entertained in a small space with no yard! 143 more words


Zbrush tip #4 - Sneaky Dynamic buttons

Hi, Just a quick one that got me confused for awhile. You may notice (or notice now that I told you) that there is tiny words called “Dynamic” on both the… 145 more words