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Walking in the mist at Darjeeling

During the times of the British,Darjeeling was to Kolkata what Shimla was to Delhi,i.e a place higher up north of the erstwhile capitals where officials and people alike could go in the scorching summer months to cool off.The British while stationed in Kolkata ,discovered this spot in the hills of North Bengal in 1840s,mainly suitable for tea plantation and cool climate.Gangtok and Darjeeling can be studies in contrast when visited one after the other.The queen of hills is cold,foggy,bit crowded and unkempt at places but there is something so beautiful and charming in the streets and tea-gardens of Darjeeling that you fall in love with it.The route to Darjeeling is one of the most scenic in the vicinity as tall pine trees and lush tea gardens welcome you to the charming town,situated around 80 kms from Siliguri,near the border with Nepal.If you saw the left massif of Kanchenjunga from Gangtok,you can see it upfront from Darjeeling.You have to be lucky because Darjeeling seems to be engulfed in a perpetual cloud of mist all time round. 1,547 more words


Lake Tsongmo

Located some odd 35 km from Gangtok, Tsongmo Lake (also known as Changu Lake) is one of those rare liquid gems that India proudly wears on its fingers. 11 more words


Amazing Flight

There’s a certain grandeur to flying in the Himalayas–I would have loved to have done this flight as pilot in command as it would have evoked feeling of pilots of yore who did the famous Hump route.  501 more words


Everest Expedition 2015

I have enjoyed hill walking at home with episodic mountaineering in the Himalayas over many years; in more recent years I have been lucky enough to meet some of the household names in British mountaineering all of which has caused me to ponder whether, in some small way, I could become part of the story? 193 more words


dedication and faith

Panoramic view of the Greek-Orthodox monasteries of Meteora

There was a time when our desire to pray and be closer to God/Universe was seen in the physical world around us.   231 more words

Tashi Delek from Gangtok…..

Though ‘tok’ means hill,I could not precisely find out what Gangtok means.may be just a hill top.Anyway Tashi Delek( a Tibetan greeting )

Catch an early cab from the town of… 2,268 more words


History of Yoga - Part 7

Our obsession with external appearance diminishes our ability to participate in truly intimate, loving relationships. – Kushal Magar

As a child, I was utterly entranced by Classical Greece.

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